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The aim of GOTA is to encourage RF communications and “Portable / Mobile Activity” through our network of linked Simplex Gateways which is accessible to ALL licensed amateurs via our wide range of multi-mode connections.

Our 2021 “Special Event” is taking place between the 12th and 20th of June 2021.

Access via your local connected FreeSTAR Simplex Gateway…. If your local Simplex Gateway isn’t connected to the FreeSTAR network, ask the Gateway Keeper to contact FreeSTAR for details of how to connect.

Just in case you needed any further encouragement to take part in the 2021 Special Event, we have a selection of prize giveaways arranged by our good friends at Moonraker.

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GOTA Special Event Callsigns.

Invited Special Event Callsigns.

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1 day ago

The IRN is pleased to announce that following an upgrade to our Allstar connections, the old numbers have changed to the following...Multimode system (was 51837) is now Allstar Node 552361 (and usually connected full-time with the Freestar Network, and proudly so!EchoLink Conference Server (was 521690) is now Allstar 552360A reminder of all our connections can be found on the website www.irn.radioThese connections will be going live today. Enjoy the system and stay connected.The IRN Admin Team ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Message on behalf of the Founders and Managers of the FreeSTAR Network.....For complete clarity, any connections to / from FreeSTAR Network can be categorised as follows.......1. Inbound connections made by either the repeater/gateway/hub keeper or a user if the keeper allows this2. Outbound connection to a repeater/gateway/hub from FreeSTAR after permission and authorisation has been gained from the relevant keeper.......We do not make unsolicited connections to random networks.......We take all accusations of breaches of licensing conditions very seriously and our aim is to connect people and promote the hobby of amateur radio.If anyone has any questions about the network, how we run it etc, then you are always welcome to talk to us etc..... we much prefer this than a broad brush, unsubstantiated on air attack such as what I have listened to tonight. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Amazing.Just heard people having a right go at Freestar/Allstar about not liking and against the internet connections. Total idiots when they’re using repeaters for the same thing. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

FreeSTAR Network are completely overwhelmed by all the positive support received this evening. If you like what we do, then please do tell your friends about us. We grow stronger together and United against the trolls & haters. #freedomtoconnect ❤️ 3 ⭐️ 👍freestar.network/donate/ ... See MoreSee Less
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